Interview with Victoria Rowell, Inc.

Victoria RowellVictoria Rowell is a powerhouse with many talents. Find out what she's doing now.

Victoria, you and I share similar childhoods in that we both were raised in foster homes and I love that you started a foundation for foster kids that gives them scholarships in the arts.
Yes back in 1990 I founded, “Rowell Foster Children Positive Plan” which gives emotional support and financial aid to foster children, especially those who aspire to become actors and dancers.

During your daytime career playing Drucilla Winters on Y&R, you also were a series regular on the primetime show, “Diagnosis Murder" opposite, the great Dick Van Dyke. How did you manage to do both of those shows at the same time?
When Bill Bell wanted me for the role of Drucilla, it was understood by him that I had already been guest spotting on prime time and that was my goal. I came from NYC and was always auditioning, plus my character was only scheduled to work a couple days a week, so when I booked “Diagnosis Murder” there wasn’t an issue with him, especially since it was a CBS show. I was completely able to do both.

You have written several books, one was dedicated to your foster parents and the others have been parodies of your life as a soap actress.
“The Women Who Raised Me” is more of a dedication to those foster women who have helped me become the woman I am. And “Secrets of a Soap Opera Diva” has loosely been based on my experience as a soap star.

Victoria RowellYou’re latest book, “The Young and The Ruthless” is being turned into a primetime series called, “The Rich And The Ruthless.” Tell us about that.
TheYoungAndTheRuthless“The Rich and The Ruthless” is like “Soap Dish” meets “Anchorman” meets “30 Rock” and is a comedic look at the behind the scenes of a daytime soap with a primarily African American cast. It’s very funny and I’m optimistic it will be slotted into a primetime spot soon.

When you were doing Y&R and Diagnosis:Murder at the same time there was an episode where Amanda was intertwined with Drucilla’s character on Y&R. How did that come about?
I actually wrote that episode and yes it was fun to play both characters at the same time on “Diagnosis Murder.”

What does the future hold for you now Victoria, more writing, acting, producing?
All of it and more of it. I love my work and love doing it all. Now that my kids are grown it gives me more time to do it all. I just finished a film in Atlanta as an actress and I’m excited to get my producer/writer hat back on for “The Rich and The Ruthless” that your husband Ronn will also be a part of. 2014 is going to be one exciting year!