• sexy 5"Love is the Answer." 
    Sex and relationships are what drives us as women. We crave being in love as a woman and nothing is better than being in love and having great sex.

    However as women, we can be complicated creatives. Relationships with men can be confusing and sex isn't always something that comes easily sometimes. We want to talk about our experiences with sex and relationships on these pages and share with other women our stories. 

    These pages will feature single, married and divorces women with their own unique experiences in sex and relationships that can help us all understand and grow in this area.

  • sexy 5"Love is the Answer." 
    Sex and relationships are what drives us as women. We crave being in love as a woman and nothing is better than being in love and having great sex.

    However as women, we can be complicated creatives. Relationships with men can be confusing and sex isn't always something that comes easily sometimes. We want to talk about our experiences with sex and relationships on these pages and share with other women our stories. 

    These pages will feature single, married and divorces women with their own unique experiences in sex and relationships that can help us all understand and grow in this area.

  • sexy 5"Love is the Answer." 
    Sex and relationships are what drives us as women. We crave being in love as a woman and nothing is better than being in love and having great sex.

    However as women, we can be complicated creatives. Relationships with men can be confusing and sex isn't always something that comes easily sometimes. We want to talk about our experiences with sex and relationships on these pages and share with other women our stories. 

    These pages will feature single, married and divorces women with their own unique experiences in sex and relationships that can help us all understand and grow in this area.

  • Sex 2"Love is the Answer."
    Sex and relationships are what drives us as women. We crave being in love as a woman and nothing is better than being in love and having great sex.

    However as women, we can be complicated creatives. Relationships with men can be confusing and sex isn't always something that comes easily sometimes. We want to talk about our experiences with sex and relationships on these pages and share with other women our stories.

    These pages will feature single, married and divorces women with their own unique experiences in sex and relationships that can help us all understand and grow in this area.

  • sex 3"Love is the Answer." 
    Sex and relationships are what drives us as women. We crave being in love as a woman and nothing is better than being in love and having great sex.

    However as women, we can be complicated creatives. Relationships with men can be confusing and sex isn't always something that comes easily sometimes. We want to talk about our experiences with sex and relationships on these pages and share with other women our stories. 

    These pages will feature single, married and divorces women with their own unique experiences in sex and relationships that can help us all understand and grow in this area.

  • sexy 5"Love is the Answer." 
    Sex and relationships are what drives us as women. We crave being in love as a woman and nothing is better than being in love and having great sex.

    However as women, we can be complicated creatives. Relationships with men can be confusing and sex isn't always something that comes easily sometimes. We want to talk about our experiences with sex and relationships on these pages and share with other women our stories. 

    These pages will feature single, married and divorces women with their own unique experiences in sex and relationships that can help us all understand and grow in this area.

Interview with Corinna Harney-Jones

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imageCorinna Harney-Jones is a former Playboy Playmate of The Year, actress, teacher, wife and mother. See how she balances career and family in this exclusive and enlightening Interview.

1. Corinna how has the transition been for you from modeling to acting?
I've thoroughly enjoyed the transition from modeling to acting. I've been performing and in the entertainment industry in some capacity since I took my first ballet class at 3 years old. I did my first commercial when I was in the 4th grade with Dick Van Patten for Blue Cross Blue Shield. That was my first on camera "acting gig". I was doing my first print modeling around that same time. So The transition was very organic. Modeling is acting really. To capture a great photo you have to be able to embody a mood- and many of the same tools are used as in acting. I'm somewhat of a late bloomer though- because In my twenties I was landing roles here and there, but had no formal training aside from theater class in High School and putting on backyard performances and being in plays and recitals. Now I cringe when I look back at some of my work.

I had very limited craftsmanship. Acting has been a love of mine since I was in Ms. Lomen's Theater Class at Bonanza High School. I didn't take it too seriously though until a friend of mine went to film school and put me in a few of his short films that went to the Director's Guild and won some awards. It was then that I got bit by that acting bug.
My friend and I produced and starred in a film you can now rent on Netflix or purchase online now titled "Pitcher and the Pin Up".

image 4.

Since then I've recognized that acting is hard work. I now train regularly and am truly honing and growing in my craft daily. I take it very seriously and wish I had done so sooner. But as I said- I'm a late bloomer! I was using certain tools and techniques by default. Now I appreciate those tremendously "gifted" artists out there like Meryl Streep, Denzel Washington, Timothy Spall, and the list goes on. I know what all they put into it. I have a deep appreciation and respect for acting and the actor. And I'm looking forward to tackling more roles and falling in love with the characters that I have the privilege of playing- even in the classroom.

2. How do you balance your home life with your career?
Balancing home life with my career has been a challenge. I homeschooled my daughter until she was in the 5th grade- so when she was younger it was actually a much harder challenge. Designating time is key. I have to account for and schedule my time really wisely. It used to seem impossible- I started taking acting classes when my daughter was 3. So my husband or my mom would watch her for those hours. That was a balancing act. We only had one child, so that made it a bit easier. I just tried to make sure we always had dinner together as much as possible, but when our schedules didn't allow- we would find time other ways. Looking back I don't know how we fit everything in many times?! My daughter did rodeo for a while and that was nice family time and something we all enjoyed together. The nice thing about acting, for me anyway, is that my jobs are sometimes few and far between. So that gives us time. When Kyler was little and I was on location my husband or mom would bring my daughter to set so I didn't go more than a few days without seeing her. It was actually my husband that was more of the challenge when it came to balancing. (He likes me to be there all the time) Now it's much easier actually. My daughter is 18 and getting ready to start her own life. She'll be going to college and I've already been able to focus more on my career. My husband is being extremely supportive now... Honestly he wasn't so supportive in the past. But he sees how hard I've been working and we are both making strides in our two totally different careers. We have learned to balance and support one another over the years but it hasn't been without its major tests and challenges!

3. What are you doing now that you love the most?
My number one love is actually studying the Bible. (Then comes the hubby)- I've been studying from the Greek,
Hebrew and Aramaic (because that's what my Pastor goes back to) for almost 19 years. I love seeing how it takes image 25 or so English words sometimes just to describe one Greek word. I also love the Old Testament and how Hebrew paints a picture. Our English Bibles have so many mistranslations, and it's enlightening to be able to hear what the original languages are saying. Truth is food for my Soul! I also teach acting classes and private coach kids at Hollywood Bound Acting Academy. It's like therapy every Saturday. We do scene study, on camera technique, and improv. One of my students was just on Modern Family and in an Independant feature film with two well known starlets (I'm so proud of my kids!)... So I enjoy the work/craft and teaching right now. And my doggies and tortoise

4. What secret beauty tips can you share with us?
A secret beauty tip? Hmmmm?... I'm told often when I tell people my age or when my daughter says, "Mom"... That they think I look like I could be her sister, etc. So maybe it's because I use an oil on my face called Mayumi Squalane, otherwise known as shark oil. I swear by it. That and getting plenty of rest and at least two Pilates classes a week. And two or three wheat grass shots a week. Maybe that's not a secret? But there ya go none the less

5. You're celebrating your 19th wedding anniversary, congratulations on such a milestone! Tell us keeps your marriage thriving, especially in the entertainment industry, what's your secret?
Thanks Devin! It's a milestone alright! Hard to believe. Marriage is hard at one time or another for a lot of people, and we're no exception. It's two different lives blended together and requires constant work, nurturing, and of course sex. Lots of it! Lol...My husband is one of those super high testosterone men (he is going to kill me for this?!) and it's a good thing I like it too! because half the time I want to kill him, but that's one of the things that I think is very key in a marriage. But it starts with mutual respect for each other. Agreeing to disagree many times, and not trying to change the other person to bend to your will. Finding humor in each other's flaws. Being flexible with the non-essentials and inflexible with the essentials (i.e. the importance of sex) I've found, and my husband agree's, for us anyway, that he is so simple. Sex and food and he's happy. And I just want to talk! Sad truth is- he won't listen until I give up the booty. So I feed him and please him and he respects and listens to me and gives me my way. Ahhhhh Marital Bliss! But there are so many different crazy factors that make it hard for a marriage to work being in the entertainment industry. My husband is a super conservative good ole boy from South Texas and so the shockers for him are things like "kissing scenes" etc. I feel bad for that... But I just have to do a lot of extra reassuring and let him know that he's the only one. It hasn't been easy in the past and I might end up writing a book on it soon, but once he started in on this "gold" of a spiritual life himself... Things have been easier for both of us. But we're still learning how to navigate in this sacred institution. It may never be perfect... But such as life and it's challenges.

6. What are your future plans and when can we see your beautiful face again?
Awe Well I'm super excited about a web series I'm working on called "Wedded Bliss". Hopefully you'll see me in that. I play "Helen"
image 5The wife of James Thomas, a mechanic. It's a situational comedy. Basically the in-laws and obstacles and them bumbling through and trying to maintain "wedded bliss". We're shooting the pilot and the cast is hilarious and super ultra talented. I'm also playing the lead in a feature film called "The Ivory Curse". It's a psychological thriller. Super spooky... It's in it's pre-pre production phase and they're still waiting for funding. Something you can see me in now though, is a Sinclair Oil Commercial. Not sure if its airing as far West as California, it's airing in 23 states. I keep getting calls, texts and FB messages with people telling me they've seen it. I was a mother of three with the mini van. It was actually a fun shoot, but super hot out, so when I saw the commercial the other day I had to laugh because to me I look like I was hot and sweaty- because I was! Someone told me, "You really got the hurried mom thing down"... (I take that as a compliment And- if I'm not on the cutting room floor (it happens)- I'll be in a movie called "Ryder and Julina". And I just got cast in an independent film called "Sins of our Youth".

7. I know you have a spiritual side and I believe that's important, how has that helped you prosper and grow as a woman?
Without my spiritual life I know that I would be lost. There are so many times when I've just wanted to throw in the towel and give up. Quit my marriage, Quit my what seems at times as a non existent career, Quit trying anything for that matter. I've failed and fallen and faltered and had my pity parties like most humans do from time to time when facing different difficulties and disasters... But I always go back to my faith. It has honestly saved me from bad decisions and also helped me through the toughest of times. Prosperity to me isn't monetary gain or success as most people might interpret it to be. Prosperity for me is in the soul. And feeding my soul with the truth of Gods Word. In the days we live many people find it repugnant to even think of reading or learning from
image 1the Bible. But I've found treasures there that have sustained me, uplifted me, enriched and blessed me in ways that have staggered my imagination. Because of this "Spirituality" that I've found and I treasure- I have something that is priceless- a contentment in my soul that's everlasting. An anchor in the storms of life that keeps me grounded and solid. A foundation when it seems that life is unraveling. A simplicity and beauty in the mundane. A capacity for life, love, friendship and happiness. A real happiness that doesn't depend on my circumstances or even the character of another. (After all- we all have flaws- it's part of the makeup of mankind- and we all have problems and adversity from time to time) But I love depending on a higher power for guidance. It's a necessity for me. Life is a fun adventure tailored by my Creator. And any human being can tap into this. It starts with the gospel: John 3:16 "For God so loved the world (every human that was ever born in all of human history) that He gave His only begotten Son (Jesus Christ-uniquely born of a virgin- therefore born without sin) so that whosoever (every person who by his free will) believes in Him (Jesus Christ) will not perish, but have eternal life." ...That's Grace! Eph. 2:8-9 "For it's by Grace that we're saved through Faith- and this salvation is not of of yourself but is a gift from God, not of works, lest any man should boast." And learning to see my flaws as they are and allowing God to shape and mold me has helped me to prosper and grow as a woman. And I'm still a work in progress! I think that's the challenge until we each take our final breath.

8. We have always had a connection and I've greatly admired you for years, how would you like to be remembered?
Likewise Devin! Every time I see you you're glowing. You are a strong, beautiful woman inside and out! It's been an honor to know you all these years. I think I would like to be remembered as a fighter... Someone who never quit. A person who wasn't selfish but selfless. I'd like to be remembered as a good friend who told it like it is. Someone who was real and had honor,virtue, integrity and tenacity. Yeah... It would be nice if I was remembered with a smile. I'd like to be remembered as someone who made you laugh too... Laughter is important. 


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